Friday, 21 August 2015

How to modify the existing Flat/Subject/Threaded View in Discussion Board of SharePoint 2013

Hi Pals,

I am back with a very useful blog on SharePoint 2013.

Many of you must be dealing with editing the existing view of discussion board in SharePoint 2013, as they appear to be read only and doesn't allow to modify or filter the columns or anything over it.

So, how can you deal with that... well that is the disappointing thing, isn't it?

So, there is a crack for the same. Just a change in the properties of the views and that it.

You will require:
SharePoint Designer 2013

Steps to Achieve:

1)      Open the SharePoint Designer for your particular site.

2)      Click on the List & Libraries and select the appropriate Discussion board list for which you need to modify the existing view.

3)      Suppose it’s a Threaded view.

4)      Go to view and select Threaded View and right click and select "Edit File in Advance Mode".
5)      Code view for Threaded View will be opened to you, just search for "ReadOnly = TRUE"
6)      Change the view ReadOnly = TRUE to ReadOnly = False (This will make the read only view back to editable view, where you can modify the properties as needed.

7)      Save the Page and Check, if you can edit the threaded properties or not in you SharePoint.

Please Note: Saving your page will pop up dialogue box, safely click yes and check the view in browser.
8)      Check the view in browser. (You will be able to see the properties and you can modify it accordingly)